08 February 2019

Experimenting with Shorts

The beauty of today's technology is the opportunity to pick up a camera and have the freedom to shoot a lot of footage for very little money. This is fantastic for the filmmaker in all of us.

I'm fortunate to have real life breathing human beings (in addition, they are dear friends) who are willing to come along for the ride as I explore creating short films. By day, one is a lawyer and writer, and the other is an artist and writer. They indulge my artistic work.

At the moment I'm steering towards romance. I cannot explain this except that the dynamics of men and women can be amusing, perplexing, overwhelming, and all-consuming. This may be hard-wired in us (or, at the very least, me!). Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't know, but I hope to soon divert my attention to other topics, variety of relationships, and messages.

These are experimental. The first two were assignments for my UCLA film classes. The last being a whim while we hiked on New Year's Day.

I humbly present them...

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