12 March 2019

Going back to basics - plus a new short film "The Bus Stop"

Think back to the beginning of the 20th century and how incredibly new film was back then. We didn't even have sound yet. And, yet today, the early part of the 21st century, our technology is far beyond anything we could have imagined even twenty years ago. Is this a good thing? I think it can be, but the problem is with every new shiny toy or tool we are handed the more jaded we may become. Where will this land us as a society? So far we have people walking around staring at their phones (why? has someone just sent you a message/video/news that's earth shattering. most likely not). We're resembling zombies at this point. What has happened to connection? Can't we look at our fellow human beings anymore? Or, must we pretend we are such busy/important people looking into the abyss of the phone or computer screen?

As for me, I'm looking for simplicity because that shiny new toy just doesn't hold my attention anymore. I'm not completely separated from our newer technology, just stepping back a bit. Decided to make a silent film in honor of the technology back in the 20 century. A time that I adore looking back on. Strictly as an observer of course (wasn't born till much later). I honor the old, but I do take advantage of the new (using digital camera and not actual film...easier and cheaper!). I'm not a complete simpleton.

Here's The Bus Stop:

08 February 2019

Experimenting with Shorts

The beauty of today's technology is the opportunity to pick up a camera and have the freedom to shoot a lot of footage for very little money. This is fantastic for the filmmaker in all of us.

I'm fortunate to have real life breathing human beings (in addition, they are dear friends) who are willing to come along for the ride as I explore creating short films. By day, one is a lawyer and writer, and the other is an artist and writer. They indulge my artistic work.

At the moment I'm steering towards romance. I cannot explain this except that the dynamics of men and women can be amusing, perplexing, overwhelming, and all-consuming. This may be hard-wired in us (or, at the very least, me!). Maybe it's a cultural thing. I don't know, but I hope to soon divert my attention to other topics, variety of relationships, and messages.

These are experimental. The first two were assignments for my UCLA film classes. The last being a whim while we hiked on New Year's Day.

I humbly present them...

A Word from Dame Judy

I've been watching Dame Judy Dench for years. It first started with a British comedy TV show called A Fine Romance (that also starred her real life husband) then I moved on to another TV comedy called As Time Goes By. Of course she is now globally famous for her work in both British and American films.

Here shares some wise words on what an actor should be thinking about when delivering their lines.
Take note...

Acting Advice from a Great Talent

He's the man we love to watch. Robert De Niro has been acting for over fifty years. Fifty years! How time flies! And, yet, he continues to entertain and does not disappoint.

Though he's known for his tough roles, he's also brilliant in his comedic ones.

In this short clip he shares wise advice for the actor. Not to be missed.

18 April 2014

"And God Created Human" is now available as an E-book!

Hi Friends, 
My book, "And God Created Human: A Collection of Scenes and Monologues," is now available as an e-book on Amazon. Here's the link: Amazon Hope you enjoy!  ;)  

10 July 2013

Stage Fright?

Do you suffer from stage fright? As an actor performing any kind of theater or, for that matter,  speaking engagement, remember that at the end of the day you are a humble vessel in which a message is being presented through.

Here's some general wonderful advice from a well-respected actor 
on how to handle stage fright...